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SATX Roofers is proud partners with TDJ Contractors who have been offering professional roofing services in San Antonio, Texas for over a decade. We are a group of roofing experts with the dedication and passion when it comes to construction & architecture in Texas. If you’re in need of a top commercial and residential roofing contractor in San Antonio, you’re going to want to contact our specialist, Alex.

We have been successfully delivering projects for our new and repeated clients.

San Antonio Residential Roofing


Residential Roofing San Antonio-SATX Roofers residential department has everything you need from the highly experienced team of workers, the most up to date equipment for us to do our jobs efficiently and safely, and the customer service that is fully transparent to the client.

Commercial Roofing San Antonio Texas


San Antonio Commercial Roofing-Here at SATX Roofers, we know that not all roofs are the same and there is a big difference between commercial and residential. Our team of expert craftsmen all use the best equipment that will give you a long-lasting and quality commercial roof in San Antonio, Texas.

roofing companies San Antonio

Roofing Companies San Antonio

Tips on Evaluating the Proposals-You might be replacing your house roof or installing a brand new one; it is vital to get the job done by a credible company like The SATX Roofers. To make the right decision, you need to ask a few selected roofing companies, San Antonio to send their proposals to you.

roofing San Antonio

Roofing San Antonio

Eco-Friendly Material Choices-Regardless of whether you are remodeling your house or building one from scratch, you have plenty of choices of materials. Moreover, you have plenty of environmentally safe and green materials available, especially for the roof.

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